Reflecting on the Year So Far

This year was a big change for me. I went from a school district with little technology integration to one with 1 to 1 device integration (iPads) for the students and tons of technology and technology support for the teachers. For someone who has long been invested in technology themselves this was a huge change and one that I readily embraced (successfully and not).

I began using Google Classroom for the vast majority of my students’ assignments. I love it, but it can be difficult for some students to manage so I am working on that.

I’ve been using PearDeck for my lectures to me students. It is a subscription service for $100 a year and I consider it to be valuable enough that I would pay for it even if my school didn’t. It allows you to lecture to your students with embedded assessments to guide instruction.

I just started using VersoApp with my students and have loved the anonymous structure of the discussions. It has really allowed some of the more quiet students to shine.

And I’ve begun to embrace the field of free Science Apps available on the iPad.

But most importantly I’ve tried to be a more reflective teacher through student feedback forms and surveys, tweeting, or just discussing with my fellow teachers. My biggest step has been organizing and reflecting on all my major assignments and activities through the year in an open Google Drive folder. Which is just about the least elegant way to be reflective so I am moving to a blog as well, though I will keep updating that folder.

I am proud of my progress this year in being more open about my teaching, embracing technology headfirst, moving my classroom to being more student directed (though I have a long way to go), and thinking about how to continue to increase the inquiry aspect of all my activities and lessons. As I go into the New Year I am considering how to make my class more accessible to all students and how the idea of flipping can fit into how I already teach.


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