Teaching Resolutions for 2016

I feel like 2015 was the year I began to really improve as a teacher. It’s sort of like when I hit 25-years-old and I realized I finally felt sort of grown up*: 5 years of teaching was the point where I was really starting to think for myself and take my own initiative to improve my practice.

I look at 2016 as the year I will continue to grow. I have five main goals for the new year starting out, though I’m sure I will try out other ideas as well as I continue to learn.

Without further ado in 2016 I will…

  1. Try out the flipped teaching model and see how to fit it into my classroom.
  2.  Continue to incorporate technology and consider the SAMR model in doing so. 
  3. Increase the amount of student led inquiry labs. 
  4. Continue to expand my use of Twitter to connect with other teachers.
  5. Think Like A Pirate or in other words really consider what I am doing daily to help my students be engaged in the material.

*don’t worry, I’ve devolved in the years since.


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