A thank you to my students of years gone by…

To my 11 grade Integrated Science students, thank you for being awesome my first day teaching when I walked in on that Monday the third day of school after being hired the Friday afternoon before, totally unready and uncertain. Not knowing what textbook we would be using, what specific curriculum we covered, and just being unsure what to do when I stood in front of class that day. Your support at the beginning kept me going.

To my 10th grade Conceptual Biology students, thank you for being so tolerant of lugging microscopes back and forth from the Science to the English building. It was not easy learning science in a packed English classroom with no lab equipment or space, but you embraced what we could do.

To my 10th and 9th grade Algebra students, thank you for always trying hard even when you found the topic overwhelming and thank you for putting up with my constant experimentation throughout the year to figure out what worked best for you guys. Whatever I tried you embraced it.

To my 9th grade Earth Science students, thank you for constantly amazing me with your enthusiasm about the most unexpected topics such as plastics pollution and daily weather charts.

To my 7th grade Life Science students both those during student teaching and after, thank you for bringing such enthusiasm to the subject that whenever I would suggest random experiments to do at home you would do them and come back, talking to my about what you found out.

To my 7th grade Math and Pre-Algebra students, thank you for never being afraid to ask for help when you needed it.

To my 8th grade Physical Science students this year, thank you for taking all the questions I make you answer and papers I make you write and embracing the topic and making it your own. You amaze me everyday with your creativity, determination, and kindness.


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